Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grand Parents Again!!!

The other day we found out we will be grand parents for a second time (the first being my sons little girl, born a couple of years ago). This time it is Sheryl's daughter who lives in Oklahoma City. Well the proud grandma to be has been beaming ever since we got the news and decided she wanted to knit the new addition a baby blanket, so off to the store we went!! (Photo of the proud grama to be picking out the first items to accomplish the gift of love. It was then off to various other stores to pick up the rest of the material and instructions for the new blankie. Upon coming home all she wanted to do was dive right into the project and get it started....well that proved easier said than done!! The loving gama to be seemed to have forgotten how to do the crocheting she thought she knew (in her defense, it has be 30 years since her grandmother taught her how) so today we are off to the bookstore for some more detailed instructions. More to come on this monumental blanket undertaking.

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