Saturday, February 24, 2007

February Tease and Blanky Update

Cold February finally gave way to some beautiful weather this week, it was actually nice enough to start our evening walks around the neighborhood. Sure felt nice to get out and about, besides we had dinner at our favorite oriental restaurant, China Star Buffet. Of course as usual I ate entirely toooooo much, so the walk helped to ease my pain just a bit. Tuesday was my day off for the week, and another beautiful day, nice enough to wash all the grime, dirt and general yuck off jeep. As you may can tell by the river picture from last post, jeep was looking alittle sad, so a bath was in order!! Sheryl came home from work and zoom zoom (Volvo) was looking a bit rough around the edges also, so out came the soap bucket and a good scrub behind the ears made her all shiny again.
Even with the beautiful weather, a few clouds rolled in and made for a really nice sunset shot, if you didn't know better it actually looks like a wild fire off in the distance.
Baby blanky update, Gama finally got the whole crochet thing figured out and has been going at it like a woman possessed!!! As you can tell she has made some pretty good head way, it is really nice and soft, she really has done a great job and it will be a gift our new grand baby can Cherish for years to come. She is almost finished, and she already has plans to tackle another one, will keep everyone advised on that saga when it starts.

Friday, we both came home from work and decided it was Date Night to the two of us, Cassie had a friend over for the night and they were going to the movies. So with visions of margaritas dancing in our heads, we dropped the kids off at the theater and beat it for one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. We decided on Acapulco's, we actually have three we enjoy, each with it's own ambiance, Acapulco's is a bright, fun and festive type. When we arrived the place was packed, with several people waiting for a table, we were expecting a long wait, when the hostess said they had a table next to the singer, hummm wait for awhile and be deprived of a cold margarita for who knows how long or jump right in the middle of the action and get the party started??? of course we took the table next to the singer. What a pleasant surprise, the singer was really good and personable, we were able to talk with him as well as two ladies at the next table, turned out to be a great evening, one of the better ones we have had in a while. Sheryl got adventurous and broke from her traditional margarita fare, and tried a Mango margarita, they lady we were talking to had one and it just looked so good, and what do you know, it was!! not to sweet, just the right combination of sweet and tart. least to say a good time was had by all.

Once again the weekend comes to an end and the beginning of a new work week in the morning. The weekend consisted of a very very very blustery day Saturday, 40mph sustained winds, with gusts to 60. We actually had a hard time walking against the wind, it was just too funny, both of us just standing still in the store parking lot, trying to move!! They just opened a World Market here in Amarillo (kinda like a Pier One Imports) We had one in the mall in California and were expecting this one to be about the same size, boy were we wrong, it is much smaller, but still nice. Their gourmet food and wine area was fairly well stocked, we picked up some feta filled olives and a nice bottle of Argentine wine and were pleasantly surprised by both. We had eaten a late lunch so the olives and wine was just right for a light dinner meal.
Sunday we headed to the Amarillo Civic Center for a Home and Garden show, we were abit disappointed by the size, much smaller than we expected, especially for the 5.00 entry fee. We did get some good information from the vender's so all was not lost. We have a couple of projects that need doing which will add value to the house and put us another step ahead of many other homes in the area when it comes time to sell (more on these projects later). Grocery shopping was on the agenda before heading home, so off to Wal-Mart it was. We found some really nice size shrimp so we decided to dust off the grill from its winter nap and get to grilin. Grilled shrimp w/mango and pineapple salsa, grilled asparagus and ginger rice was soon on the table and WOW what a great meal, the grilled shrimp were excellent and Sheryl's Mango/Pineapple salsa was great!!! Hope you all are enjoying life as much as we are so until next time...

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