Sunday, February 18, 2007

Diamonds, Geese and River Fun

Sunday morning, the sun is shining and the day is finally supposed to warm up, it may actually hit 60 today!!! But Alas I have to work, so no enjoying the day basking in the sun, Sheryl is on call and will more than likely be called in also. With the Valentines Day snowfall, the following morning seemed abit magical as Sheryl noticed, the sun glimmering off the fresh snow, it looked like thousands of diamonds spread in the snow. The picture does not do it justice, so next time you have a fresh snowfall, look at it in that light (OK, except for you it really is something to behold

I had Thursday off, so after my morning wake up of coffee, it was off to have lunch with my honey, surprisingly the hospital she works at has a very good cafeteria. I really enjoy our lunch dates, even if they are short, it's nice to surprise Sheryl and add a little smile to her day. After lunch, I decided to take a ride to the Canadian River area (part of the Lake Meredith National Rec Area) and see how it looked with a fresh snowfall. On the way out I found this gaggle of Canadian geese, all huddled together in an attempt to stay warm!! (didn't they fly south to get out f this burrrr chilly weather??

Made it out to the river, and wow, I was the only one out there, a foggy mist was hanging over the area, giving it a very surreal look and feel. The river is flowing pretty good now, with all the snowfall here and in New Mexico. I took the jeep around the area and played in the snow for a bit before heading back home. The rest of the week has just been work and general household putzing, so until next time....

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