Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Blanky and RV Thoughts

Wow, it's been a bit since the last posting, I guess that just shows not every day can be exciting!! Actually not a lot has been happening this week. Sheryl has been sick all week, came down with a really yucky tummy virus, which ended her in the emergency room at work. We finally decided it was a tummy bug as all the tests, x-rays, sonograms and CAT scans came back negative (thank goodness) as we had all kinds of things running through our heads on what it could of been. She was in very bad pain for several days, but has seemed to pull out of it now after a solid week of feeling like yuck.

My honey is sitting in the living room just a working away on her new crochet project for her nieces baby shower next weekend. So she will be off to Hugoton, KS. for a fun filled shower weekend while I slave away at work, missing her dearly.

Last night we did have our next door neighbors over for dinner (Brandon & Julie) the weather is actually starting to change for the good, so of course BBQ was in order for the day. The smell of slow cooking ribs filled the house for hours as the meat became more and more tender. Ribs were rubbed with Cajun seasoning, cooked for 3 hours in the oven and finished on the outside grill with a little BBQ sauce, yummy, yummy, yummy. Some more grilled shrimp seasoned with the same Cajun seasoning made for a nice appetizer. Wine, spirits, good food and great company made for a wonderful evening, this was our first time having neighbors over, and we hope to have more and more good times like these in the future.

Something dawned on me the other day, this site was created to allow family and friends to see what we are up to in our daily life as well as to cronical our move toward full time RV'ing. The thing that dawned on me is, I have yet to mention anything on RV'ing. So with that in mind, I will begin sharing some of our thoughts on the matter. We have decided we want a motorhome as apposed to a fifth wheel or trailer. We like the idea of a motorhome due to all the built in conveniences they offer as well as allowing us to pull the jeep along behind, and it is just a personal thing to us. I wont get into the pros and cons of different rv's as each person is different. Since we decided on the motorhome, now it is a matter of deciding on how much we want to spend and how large a payment we will be willing to live with. A larger payment means more work and less money to spend enjoying our travels. However more spent on the motorhome means newer and potentially less problems with it. An older home would of course come with smaller payments but have the potential for more problems just as with any older, car, home, etc. Though my research however, it seems if you are careful and patient, you can have the best of both worlds, as I said, the potential for problems is there, but that doesn't mean they will happen. All motorhomes have the same basic layout (floorplan) however some brands seem to use the space more efficiently and seem to make the inside feel more roomy. This is what we are looking for, a bright, airy, spacious feel. Even if the inside decor is not to our taste, a remodel is not out of the question, new carpet, window treatment, etc can make a big difference, just as in any home. We still have a couple of years yet to find the perfect motorhome, so these are just some of our early thoughts. Until next time.....Live, Love, Laugh!!!

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