Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wow! What a Day!!!

Wow, what a travel day. We left Southern NM, at approx 9:30 yesterday, headed for Amarillo TX. Beautiful travel day, a lite wind at our back (for a change) pushing us north towards I-40. All is well (you can see where this is headed). Cruzing along east bound and down approx 70 west of Amarillo when it happened!!! The check engine light comes on and the truck losses most of it's power, it's still running but just wants to limp along.....what the!!!

 Well we were able to limp along at 50mph to the next exit a few miles down the road and into a truck stop. Nice truck stop, however in the middle of no where east New Mexico (as you can tell by the picture) it looks like that in all directions.

Ok, a few frustrating calls to Chrysler Extended Warranty folks , all to find out we have no road side assistance.....darn.....however the repairs will be covered.......good. Problem, can only be serviced at a Dodge dealer, closest one, 70 miles away in Amarillo. 70 miles, tow for the truck and 5ver = Big Bucks, hmmmm. Then I remembered, we have Roadside Assistance through our USAA insurance. Give them a call (long story short) we are covered, they will send a tow service for both the truck and trailer and tow both the 70 miles to Amarillo and the Dodge dealer. Oh and well also tow your trailer to the RV park of your choice, at no cost to you and no up front money, Wow, I love USAA, they are great, and have been every time I've ever had to deal with them.

While we were waiting for the tow service to arrive, a gentleman pulls up towing a 5th Wheel and parks right infront of us. I walked over to let him know we had a tow service coming and that he would prob have to move his rig. We chatted a bit and told him of our whoas, he says, sounds like you computer just needs to be cleared and reset, here I have a scanner and we'll check it out. He plugs in the scanner to the computer port and pull up two codes, he clears the codes and the computer resets. Fire up the truck and it's running like a charm now. Looks like one of the codes was for a cylinder misfire and the other having to do with a fuel injector electrical issue.  What a great guy for helping us out, amazing what a little knowledge and the right tools can do.

The tow trucks arrived and we decided, even though the truck was running fine now, to let them tow it to Amarillo, just incase he truck acted up again and stranded us again in the middle of nowhere.

We finally go into the Amarillo Ranch RV Park around 11:00 at night. I had them drop the truck off here also, as it's running ok now and the dealer can not do anything until Tuesday (got to love breakage on holiday weekends). We drove the truck around for abit last night and it still seems to be running fine. We are going to stay put today (winds are really bad here) and may head out in the morning for OKC, after we test drive the truck again and see how she does. It's a chance we'll take as we are planning on being in OKC for a couple of weeks anyway. We can have the truck checked out there and still take care of the things we need to also. If something goes wrong again, we still have the roadside assistance to help us out.

Well, wish us luck, we'll either be here in Amarillo for a week or so, or OKC. See ya on the next go round.


Michael Ultra said...

(Might be wise to buy your own scanner)

John and Carol said...

We hope the rest of your trip is easier. That was certainly a stressful trip. How nice to have it made easier with the kindness of strangers.

Mike and Terri said...

Hope that fix did the trick and your trip to OKC is uneventful.