Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still Alive!!!

Boy, it's hard to believe how fast a week can go by. It's pretty much been a whirlwind of activity with visiting all the kids, getting new doctors set up, daily life and crazy weather. To think, all that and one a picture to show for it, but getting all caught up in the moments, I just don't think about it at the time.
We have also been looking at new rigs as this one is beginning to show her age at 11 years. Just little things that come up, but I guess that's just maintaince. Our main complaint is still the black tank, the folks in New Mexico never did get it right and after 4 visits to their shop, we just gave up. Yes it still has a leak somewhere (somehow they managed to jack up a brand new tank). This is something that we need to get fixed, so will be looking for a repair shop here on OKC. The hope for a new rig is out the window, as when the economy and life hit a few years back, it seemed to do us in for a while. That's ok though, our current rig is paid for and just needs to have these few issues taken care of. One good thing is, if the rig needs to stay in the shop for a few days (to get it right) we can stay with our daughter. That's the one bad thing about fulltiming, loosing your home while it's being repaired. We'll let you all know how it goes.

Just wanted to get in a quick entry, to let everyone know we haven't fallen off the edge of the earth, so take care and see everyone again soon.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good to hear you're still alive and kicking. Started to get worried that you got kidnapped by aliens on your way out of New Mexico.

You did pass by Roswell, right?

Jim and Judy said...

I am with y'll, try to squeeze as much time as you can from your rig. A high maintenance bill now an then is not that bad.