Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scrappy's New Doo

Today was Scrappy Doo's first hair cut/grooming and like all parents we were a little nervous about leaving him with a stranger. His appointment was for noon, however, it seemed the groomer was abit behind, so he wasn't finished until almost 4:00.  When we arrived to pick him up, the groomer said she had quite the time with him, but she loved him and just raved about what a good boy he was.

Well, I sure you are wondering how he turned out................
Well here he is, transformed from our little ragamuffin, to a little puppy, he even looks almost grown up now. The groomer even added a little puppy chili pepper bandanna (too cute!!!). I told Sheryl on the way to drop him off, that if she puts a bow in his hair, that'll be the first thing to go!!!
However the little chili pepper bandanna is way cool, so I think we'll keep it. That was our excitement for the day. Tomorrow we are off for OKC. We are going to shoot for Amarillo, TX Friday, then head on in to OKC on Saturday. Our little Grand daughter will be having an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, so we want to be there for that.

Ok, if we have a good WiFi signal, we'll see you tomorrow evening from Amarillo!!!


Jackie said...

Scrappy is very handsome!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

A distingushed little gentleman. Bet he was strutting around proudly. ;c)

Safe travels, hope the tire flat spots smooth out quickly.

hobopals said...

What a face! Adorable!