Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year in Review 2011

 Happy New Everyone!!!, this year I thought I'd do my first year in review. The post won't be loaded with stats, as we're not ones to keep up with all that, more over, we just sit back and enjoy our travels. I may break up the post into several separate posted depending on how long winded I become. So kick back and have a look at 2011 with us.

January, found us just north of Atlanta, GA. visiting with our daughter and little granddaughter for the holidays. We left and headed south on New Years Day 2011 headed for warmer weather.

 First stop, Mayport Naval Air Station and the Pelicans Roost RV Park. As you can see the park is right on the water. It's a great park and we enjoyed a few days rest there after the hectic holidays.

Speaking of waterfront parks, our next stop was the Low Key Hide-A-Way in Cedar Key Florida. We had reservations for a month long stay and enjoyed every minute of it. Our Hosts were (and still are) Pat and Cindy Bonish of Every Miles a memory fame. There were fellow fulltime RV'er for several years before taking some time out in Cedar Key. We can't say enough good things about Pat and Cindy, so if you find yourself in FL, stop in and say hey to them.

We also visited and explored the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. A vast preserve along the FL Gulf Coast. The refuge was installing an RV pad for workcampers while we were there, so if interested in work camping there give them a shout.

February, found us still in Cedar Key and our wonderful host took us out for a boat ride around the Cedar Key Bay and outer islands. Interesting how you can be several miles from shore and only be in 1-2 feet of water. We also got to see and photograph some White Pelicans on some of the outer sand bars. A great day out.

Mid February and our time at Cedar key had come to an end. It was time to start our trek towards NM for some medical appointments in March. However we did make several stops along the way. Just northeast of Cedar Key was Manatee State Park. Sheryl had never seen a Manatee so we thought we'd stop in and see if any were in the springs. As luck would have it, there were two, we watched them for a while and explored the park for abit before heading north once again.

We made it to the FL Panhandle, where we stopped for a week in Panama City Beach at the Naval Support Center RV Park. We enjoyed great weather and white sand beaches.

From Panama City Beach it was a nice drive along the coast to Destin FL. and the Army Recreation area RV park. Again a very nice park right on the bay. We spent our time exploring the area and showing Sheryl around. I spent 4 years at Eglin AFB near here, I also wanted to show her the house we lived in on base, seems to be missing.....ahhh progress. Eglin also has a really nice museum dedicated to AF weapons testing.

 Once we left Destin it was just a short drive north to Crestview FL, for a moochdocking stay with one of Sheryl's cousins. Sheryl has never met her, but Linda and her husband were very welcoming and all around great folks. We spent 4 or so days with them, mainly relaxing and visiting.

While Sheryl was visiting with Linda, I took the opportunity to do alittle exploring. Crestview is on the northern edge of the Eglin AFB reservation, which spans 3 counties in the FL panhandle. The reservation which is home to many test sites, also has miles of undisturbed wild lands. With miles of trails to explore, it became a day full of adventure.

 With Florida just a memory and our sights set on Dallas and Austin TX we saved exploring the southern states for another time. We spent a couple of days visiting our daughter in Dallas before turning south to Austin. Pictures seem to be few and far between when visiting family, as we are too busy just enjoying our time with them. Kayla and Chris did take us out to dinner at a very unique Brazilian restaurant. The food was great, and more than you could ever eat.yumm.

We finished off the last days of February just south of Austin at the Military RV park at Canyon Lake. We stayed for a week, visiting Sheryl's brother and enjoying the Texas Hill Country. There are 2 military RV parks as well as several private ones here at Canyon Lake, and well worth the visit if you make your way to this part of Texas.

Ok, I think I'll give it a break here, March and beyond, still to follow.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

I still remember those post and still enjoyed rehashing them again.

Since I been hoping the last few days From Kathy and I, Happy New Year, and hopefully our paths will cross in the future.

It's about time.

Russ Krecklow said...

Thanks again for sharing, we'll look forward to a lot of sunshine photos in 2012. Enjoy the year.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Love how you've taken advantage of the military campgrounds, we will be using them also. Great locations, even better, the prices!

Happy New Year! We'll be looking for ya' on the road.