Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Catch Up

 We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year and are enjoying their holidays. Ours were spent with family here in Oklahoma City, where all but one of our kids were able to attend, needless to say, we had a houseful. Like most all Christmas Days, we opened presents............

 Cooked and ate till our tummy's bulged...............

 And just spent the day enjoying each others company.

 We did go out to dinner a couple of times during the week with the kids. Here we are at a really good and authentic local German Restaurant and Brew House, you can see how terrible the beer

 On a sadder note, poor Scrappy had his first official Vet visit. Seems he got a scratch on his little eye which became all yucky.

However the vet gave him some ointment and said he would be fine in a week or so. We were so worried it may have been something worse. While we were there he also got his second round of puppy shots and a physical. Other than he eye thing, he's a healthy, happy little Scrappy Doo.

It's New Years Eve and we'll be spending at our kids house, popping a bottle or two of bubbly and ringing in the New Year there.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year and as they say.................See Ya Next Year!!!

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

So nice of you to warn us off from drinking that terrible beer! You have performed a great public service (I think...).

Happy New Year, hope 2012 brings you much more fun and adventures. :c)