Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Review Part II

 March 2011

We began our the last leg of our journey back to New Mexico with a trip across the south western part of Texas. Two things we discovered were, gas stations are few and far between in this part of the world and when you did find one, it was not guaranteed they would have gas. We also discovered just how bad the Jeeps gas mileage was 5-6 mpg with a small tank, 80-100 mile range at best towing up and down the hills.........had us plenty worried a couple of times but we made it

Our first stop, by mistake, looking for gas, was the Judge Roy Bean Museum in the middle of No Where Texas. We are actually glad we found it, as it was a good tour and lots of info on this colorful old west character

 Speaking of middle of no where Texas, there is alot of it west of Del Rio, miles and miles of nothing, but yet full of it's own beauty.

So after a two day drive across the state, we pulled into the Ft Bliss RV Park and set up to this fantastic sunset.

We had only planned on staying in the West Texas/Southern NM for a month or so at max, however one thing lead to another medical wise and we ended up staying for 8 months. Lots of ups and downs during that time, but in the end worked out for the best.

By the luck of the draw, the Military Jeepers, El Paso Chapter had a trip pan a couple of days later to Arden Crater in the desert west of Las Cruses, NM. I never had a chance to make it out that way, so I jumped at the chance to go. Arden Crater is one of several volcanic craters located between Las Cruses and Deming. You don't need 4 wheel drive to get to them (but it helps) and is worth finding them as they a little know to the travelling RV'er.

The next thing that happened was, well as you can see, we traded the Jeep for a diesel truck. We had been discussing moving up to a larger travel trailer or 5th wheel, so we went ahead to bought the truck. I sure do miss the Jeep, it took us to some great places, but the truck will do the same, as 4x4 was a mandatory option.

April 2011

April brought a lot of day to day life, not much in the traveling department, however we did move to Holloman AFB RV Park after a month at Ft Bliss. Figured if we moved from park to park in the area, it wouldn't get so old so quick. The month was also filled with general truck maintaince to ensure she'd be in tip top shape to future travels.

May 2011

Come May, we had decided a 5th wheel is what we wanted, so the hunt was on. Not wanting to put the carriage before the horse, we bought and installed the 5th wheel hitch so we'd be ready when the time was right. Being the truck is of the short bed variety, we opted for a sliding hitch, and went with the Pullright one. I can say one thing for sure, at 200 lbs, it's well built and my back can vouch for that!!!

 Another milestone in this aging thing, was I came to realize hearing aids were in order.........Sheryl is much happier as not to listen to me say what??? nearly as much. Nice thing was, after just a couple of trips to the VA Hospital, they were ordered and arrived.

One other thing we finally got around to doing, was to visit the museum at Holloman AFB, and what better day to do it that Memorial Day. The museum is small but they do have several planes on display.

 June 2011

June brought another major change in our fulltiming lifestyle. After scouring the Internet for a couple of months we happened upon our new home, and what do you know it was just down the road in El Paso. So after a little haggling we landed on a good deal for both of us.

 It still amazes us how much more room we have. Our trailer served us well and got us fulltiming, even if it was a little cramped at times.

 Of course as with anything new, you have to make it your own. We started by getting rid of one chair and the couch, replacing it with a more residential style couch. Much more comfort and room.

And of course as with any pre owned rig, it had it's share of hic-ups and a trip or two to the RV doctor was needed. First was the black tank flushing. I'll spare you the yucky details. You'd thank me later.

Sheryl and I also celebrated or 3rd Wedding Anniversary, dinner at a nice place in town and a peaceful evening at home.

 July 2011

July brought another trip to the RV Doc, seems as if the ole girls front legs gave out and needed replacing. Turned out to a good thing as we had a much better system installed.

We also changed RV Parks once again, back to El Paso for a change of pace. We also had a mighty bad scare with Sheryl's health, she ended up in the hospital for a week, but in the end she came out fine.

Once again, we'll leave this post and start a new one to finish out the year. We are enjoying our new rig and are really looking forward to getting out on the road for some seriou travelling (not all at once of course) Ok, See you on the next post. Oh, thanks for the nice comments, we sure have been enjoying this lifestyle and glad you have enjoyed riding along with until next time........


Russ Krecklow said...

Thanks so much for sharing your great photos. We will enjoy following your adventures this year on the blog. Have a wonderful 2012.

michael ultra said...

What a great upgrade. 5'er and diesel truck!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Part II was just as interesting as Part I. How can you not love this full time life style? :c)