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2011 the Finally!!!

 Aug 2011

Staying true to our decision to move around (even if it's just in the area) we moved back up to Alamogordo, NM and the Boot Hill RV Resort. This turned out to be a good move, as the hosts were the friendliest and most helpful of any we have seen on our travels. They were also the reason we decided to stay with them until our departure in late Oct.

 We also made the decision to get out and see the sights alittle more. Sheryl was feeling better so off we went. On a trip combining business with pleasure (needed to finish up some paperwork from the sale f our old trailer) we took a trip to Silver City, NM. After the business end we cleared up, we stopped of at the City of Rocks State Park (between Deming and Silver City) we spent several hours exploring and hiking around and through the rock outcroppings.
It was getting late and we needed to start heading toward the house, we did stop in Deming for diner and found the Mimbres Valley Brewery, where we discovered Green Chili Beer and Chocolate infused wine, a very interesting experience and more than yummy!!!

 We also took a trip down NM 28, we had travelled this scenic hwy before and just wanted to check it out again. The drive takes you along the southern Rio Grande Vally of New Mexico, with mile after mile of rich farmland and the high desert mountains as a back drop. The road is also home to several southern NM wineries.
 Sheryl being Sheryl, could not stand the early 90s decor of the new rig, so out came her sewing machine and in came new valances and matching accessories. Definitely gives the rig a more updated look.
Aug also brought the purchase of a new camera for yours truly. I wanted to expand my photographic horizons and creativity, hopefully it helped and it's a purchase I have really been enjoying.

 September 2011

Fall is beginning here in the high desert and what better way to see it than head to the mountains. Alamogordo is located at the foot of the Sacramento Mountain Range so it was just a short drive up to some beautiful scenery and our favorite little mountain town of Cloudcroft.

 Just down the street from the RV Park were two Pistachio farms and wineries. The high desert climate of this area seems to be prime for pistachio growing. Both farms offered tours and wine tasting so it was a no brainier for us to check out.

 During our travels I have become fascinated with what I call Highway Ghost Towns. One that we drive by a couple of time a month is just outside Las Cruces, NM. so one day I decided to stop and shot some photos which now has me hooked on checking out these little gems of history we all drive right by.

 Sept is also Sheryl's birthday, it was a nice day so a drive up into the mountains for lunch and sight seeing sound like a great way to spend Sheryl's B-Day.

 While we were out, we stopped by the ghost town of White Oaks, an old mining community out in the desert mountains. It's in the process of being restored, so not as deserted as we thought, very interesting to explore though.

Speaking of desert mountains, it was time to give Big Red his first off road test. While I was in the Las Cruces area one day, the Dona Ana mountains were just looming there calling my name. I pointed Red in the direction and off I went for the day. The mountains are very rugged with rugged two track roads winding through them. I had taken the Jeep there a couple of times, and Big Red, held his own during the day.

Oct 2011

In Oct we stayed really busy, a bit of a contrast to earlier months were we were mostly just hanging out. The beginning of Oct brought the Trinity Tour, a twice a year tour of the first atomic bomb test site. Very interesting to see and learn the history of the atomic age.

Even though we had lived in Alamogordo for almost three years before fulltiming and spent time here afterwards, we had never gone out to the White Sands National Monument together.  Nice thing about white sands is, you can spend just a little time there and still see most all there is to see.

Another day out was a really cool dinner show held up in the mountains. They put on a Chuck Wagon style dinner, then a great western show afterwards. We had a great time out with friends from the RV Park.

The end of Oct drew near and so did the medical appointments, we were off and running once again! First stop southwest Kansas and Sheryl's Family Farm which her Grandfather Homesteaded in the early 1900s. We had a big old style family gathering with more food and fun than you can shake a stick at!!!
We also experienced the first snow of our RV season.

One highlight was getting to meet up with fellow fulltimers Ron and Elena. They just happened to be in SW Kansas on there way back from there Alaska adventure. We met for lunch and had a great visit before they had to continue on.

While in KS we also stopped in at one of the local history museums, it's always fun to learn the history of these areas and there is no better place to do it.
 Nov 2011

November brought a fast run for Florida and our sons wedding at the end of the month. Alot of driving and many miles covered in a short period of time, but we did stop to catch our breath once in a while. First real stop was more Moochdocking at Sheryl's Cousins home in North FL.
 While we were there, fresh seafood was in order and a local place was just the ticket to put a dent in our craving.

 Hit up the local museum for another history lesson.

 and explored the North FL. scenery.

 After a couple of days rest, the jaunt was on again, net real stop, St Augustine, FL. The weather was pretty poor for a couple of days but finally cleared and gave us a day of sightseeing before the push on to Miami.
And of course the whole reason for coming to FL was to see our son marry the lady of his dreams. It was a great week, with lots of fun and wedding bliss.

Dec 2011

December was another busy travel month, we had agreed to watch Sheryl's bothers kids in Austin TX. while they took a couples vacation and we also agreed to spend Christmas in Oklahoma City with our other batch of kids, so off and running we were.

First stop after Miami and a quick rest stop from the crazy busy wedding week was McDill AFB in Tampa FL. We were able to get a spot (highly unusual for this time of year we were told) for 3 days off. We fixed a flat on the rig, eats some good food and just enjoyed some more great FL weather.

 Hitting the road again we did a long push into North FL and Apalachicola for some of the best oyster known to man. We had to stop at our favorite place for oysters, Raw is the only way to go for me, however Sheryl differs in opinion, Rockefeller for her.

 We made it into Austin TX a couple of days later. Watching the kids was a joy and we managed to keep them entertained. Good thing Austin has lots of activities going on during the holiday season. Of course what is TX without eatin some good BBQ, luckily one of the best places in TX is just down the road form the house, yea we put a dent in their inventory.

 Dec also brought us a new travelin buddy by the name of Scrappy Doo. On his registration paperwork he will be know by the stuck up name of Sir Scrappious Doobeious, however to us he's just a bouncing bundle of fur named Scrappy.

 After Austin, we made a quick stop in Dallas to say hey to Kayla and Chris and also pick up our daughter Kaileigh from DFW airport. She'll be catching a ride back up to OKC with us.

 Once in OKC we fond hat Santa had come early one morning and dropped off a nice new table in our rig, man wasn't that nice of him.

 During our stay, we all went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and Museum.

 Of course there was tree trimming to be done

and lots of Christmas holiday fun to be had by all.

Whew, 2011 was quite a ride and we are hoping for a great 2012, abit at a little slower pace. However, we were advised of a couple of surprises that are to take place in 2012, but we'll keep that secret for now.................Ok, 2011 has come to it's end and here's to a great and happy 2012 to everyone!!!! 

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