Friday, December 16, 2011


 With our goodbyes said and Austin in our rearview mirror, we had Dallas in our sights for the day. Our mission, to pick up our daughter at DFW and then spend the evening with Kayla and Chris. The mission went off with precise military precision. Hit the campground, check; Unhook set up, check; fight traffic to the airport, check; picked up Kaileigh, check, arrive at Kayla's for dinner, yummmm.

 Fat, Dumb and Happy after dinner.................of course fat being a figure of speech......had to clarify that for the ladies you know. We had a nice visit with Chris and Kayla, but we were off and running the next morning as Kaileigh had to get home to OKC for a finals test.

We are here at the Tinker AFB campground. They had plenty of open spaces and we scored one right on the lake, nice. We've been spending the last couple of days catching up with family, so not much in the way of exciting travel. We maybe getting out and about a little bit while ww are here, but mostly it will be about the holidays and spending time with family.

We would like to say hi to our new followers, we are glad you enjoy our blog enough to follow along with us on our travels, and of course to all of you who check in on us to see what were up to. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

No better way to spend Christmas that with family. Have a Merry Christmas and many more happy travels in the New Year.