Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuckered Little One and Moving Day

It's been great visiting with our little grand baby, we had so much fun the other day she was just plum wore out. According to mom, she doesn't take naps, well I showed, she was out for hours!!! It's been great seeing Chris and Kaileigh, and we'll be heading over to their place to cook Christmas dinner for them and of course all the other Christmas festivities.

Moving day again, thankfully not to far this time, just up the hill. The site we had was reserved starting tomorrow, so we moved to a nice site up the hill from the old one. From here, as you can see, we still have a nice view of Lake Altoona from our windows. The sites here are nicely wooded and quiet, not having sewer hook ups is kinda a pain, but hasn't been to bad. It has actually given us a bit of practice in water conservation, for when we really start boondocking.
Not much in the way of sight seeing so far, just enjoying our time with family, we may try and get out next week after Christmas for some exploring. That's it for now and we'll see you next time, thanks for dropping by.

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