Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Clara Christmas

This year Christmas was all about spending time with our Grand daughter Clara. Since this is her first Christmas where she can really understand whats going on, that made it even more special. Here she is seeing all the gifts under the tree for the first time, trying to figure it out and take it all in.

Of course like all little ones they catch on pretty fast!!!

The Proud Gam Ma.

The little ATV was a big hit! nothing like being able to take all your other gifts for a
It was great spending time with family, watching the little one open her presents and enjoying Christmas dinner together.
We have been spending a nice quite day today around the trailer, Here in the Atlanta area we had quite the snowfall, first time in 120 years it snowed Christmas day. Today the road are all icy and dangerous, so we decided to just hang out here and have a lazy day, and of course let Claras Mom and Dad recoup!!!

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