Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wine Tasteing on New Mexico 28

Today Sheryl and I were looking for something to do, so I brought up going to one of the Wineries here in Southern New Mexico's Rio Grande Valley. Sheryl thought it was an idea, so off we went. First it was a stop for lunch at the local Rudy's BBQ (Good Stuff) then on to NM 28. NM 28 Runs from the TX/NM line just outside El Paso, TX to Las Cruces NM, through the Rio Grande Valley. It a very popular senic drive, through pecan orchards, farm land and of course Southern NM's wine country. One interesting thing about the area is, it was the first wine producing area in the United States. Wine was first produced by the early missonaries as far back as the 1500s.
Rudy's brisket sandwich was really really good!!!

Cotton...........who knew, in southern NM, fields and fields of it.

The Rio Grande Valley also grows some of the best pecans around.
Below are some of the interesting sites we saw along NM 28.

Beautiful Stone Church.

The front of this bar/cafe just caught our attention (guess thats the

Just loved this house.

Using an old tractor as a flagpole.

We ended our drive at the La Vina Winery. As with most Winerys around the country, it's really nice and done in the old world Spanish style.

Sheryl enjoying a sample of their finest. They did have some very good wines with the sparkleing Mascoto being our favorite. They also have an outside patio if you wish to bring your own snacks and enjoy them with a glass or bottle of their many wines. The tasting was $5.00 for a sample of 6 wines and you get to keep the glass.

It was a really nice day out, since we found out we will be here until at least Nov 16th. That should be Sheryls last appointment, and if all goes right, off to Dallas for Thanksgiving. There are also more winery's along the route, we just decided to stop at the one today.
So if you are ever in the area, take a slow trip down a very senic road, that is NM 28, you will enjoy it.
Until next time........keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours!!!

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Levonne said...

Glad to hear you are loving your lives! Living out of an RV can be quite special as I have found over the previous year. Love the picture of the cotton field and of the corks!