Saturday, November 20, 2010

Made it to Dallas!!!

We finally made it to Dallas, TX. and my daughters house for the Thanksgiving holidays. We left Big Spring, TX. and drove the 300 miles in, not as bad as I thought it would be, considering this was our first long stretch towing the trailer.
We arrived Thursday night just in time for my birthday on Friday. When Kayla and Chris came home, they came bareing gifts, a 12 pack of Shiner Bock and a really cool birthday card. Can't get much better than that!!!

Friday night we decided to go out to dinner for my birthday, after a little discussion we settled on this local Italian place as apposed to a big name resturant. We love the smaller local joints much better, so it was great. The food was outstanding and the prices were right.

The whole gang, not bad for holding the camera myself.

Kayla got a shot of Sheryl and I outside.

Couple of shots of the place. First place I've ever seen where you pay on the honor system. When you are finished eating, you walk up, tell them what you had and they ring you up, no ticket or receipt. Don't find to many places like that anymore.
Now just to enjoy spending time with family and friends, so until we meet again....................

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Johnston said...


I've been reading your adventures for a little while now. My favorite parts are your off road explorations and when you share about local restaurants. Not that you were asking, but there you are :)

Happy Birthday
Johnston in Denver