Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're Off!!!

Well the time has finally come to leave El Paso, Yeaaaaaa. Sheryls appointments went well for the most part, she is cleared for now. We'll see how she does over the next few months and check in again with the Docs in the Spring. Here we are all packed up and heading out on the begining of our grand adventure.

We headed out of El Paso on US 180 headed east. It was interesting to see Alamo mountain from the south, didn't realize it was this close to the Hwy. I have visited Alamo Mountain from the north at various times.

Entering the Guadalupe Mountains NP. The winds were screeming through the pass as we headed up and over into the park area.

We stopped at the NP and had lunch in the parking lot, sammies and grapes, yummm. We went in and checked out the visiter Center, looked around and watched a short slide show about the park. Hard to believe the mountain range is actually a reef formed at the shores of a ancient sea which covered alot of the southern U.S. millions of years ago.

50 degrees and a 30+ mph winds = Burrrrrrr. It was a cold day, but a fun one!!!

Our RV site in White City, just outside Carlsbad Caverns. A nice little park, gravel roads and fairly level sites. The only complaint are the stickers, the place is loaded with them!!!!

Took a little walk around the park, as I rounded the circle, I ran into these guys, standing in the middle of the drive. They came up out of a little valley next to the park and ran back in right after snapping this picture.
Tomorrow, it's off to Carlsbad Caverns and then on toward Dallas.
So stay tuned for more updates as they happen. Until then..........................

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