Sunday, November 14, 2010

Killborne Hole, NM Part Deux

As you may remember, I went out to the Killborne Hole here in Southern NM a couple of weekend ago. When I returned home, I did alittle more research on it and found out the the crater I visited was actually Hunts Hole, which lies just south of the Killborne one (no wonder I couldn't find it, I was looking further south for it). So, I just had to go out and find it, and yup it was right where the map said it would be.
The Killborne Hole is very simular to Hunts Hole, it just seems alittle more defined as a crater.

They both have lava walls stretching from the rim 50 to 100 feet to the floor, and both with a well defined center.

Here I try and show the desert floor with the mountain rising in the background as well as the wall of the crater.

In a few spots the walls are more limestone where it has covered the lava rock over time. (Can you see the face in the Limestone???)

The best shot of the crater itself.

Lunch on the edge, ahhh Bologna sammy.

First time I'd seen this particular catus with it's fruit intact.
It was a good day trip out, I wanted to make sure I saw both craters before leaving the area, as it's a pretty cool geologic feature. Both craters are with in a mile of each other, which made it much easier to see. Again, it is well worth seeing you you pass this way, you don't need 4wd to get there, just a high clearance vehicle.
Well, it looks like we will finally be leaving El Paso and heading toward Dallas for the holidays, so long as all goes well with Sheryls Doc appointment in the morning. Sheryl is so ready to actually get on the road and away from here, it seems like it has been forever, ok, 8 monthes, but still seems like forever. Looks like our first stop will be the Guadalupe National Park and Carlsbad Caverns, then spend the night in Carlsbad. Since there won't be any hiking we'll just take in the visitor centers, and see what we can from there. Next time around when Sheryl is more up to it, we'll spend much more time. From there on toward Dallas and Thanksgiving with the kids.
Stay tuned for more updates, we'll be working off local WiFi so we'll update as we can. So until next know the drill by now :)

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