Saturday, September 4, 2010

Replacement Chairs and Stuff

A few months back, we had bought Sheryl a folding outdoor rocker from Camping World. Well the other day I sat down in it and rrrrrrrrrrrip it went (the chair not my pants). These chairs are made out of pretty cheap material, that being said you would think they would last more than 4 months. So, we'll have to see if Camping World will take it back. After that, Sheryl said she'd like to have a couple of those reclining chairs and thought they'ed be pretty comphy. I said, you know that sounds like a good idea, so in search of I went. Long story short I found a nice pair at Big 5 Sports here in town, and what do you know, being the end of summer they were on SALE!!! so I was able to pick up a nice pair for cheap. Sheryl was right they are nice and comphy, and will be a nice addition to our travels.

Also, with Sheryl taking her new quilting class, and wanting to do more blankets and such, she needed a new sewing machine that would handle the job, the old one was just not cutting it. We were able to sell her old machine pretty quickly and used the money to help buy her a nicer one that could handle the thicker material. So she'll be quilting fool pretty soon!!!
Surprisingly the RV park has been full all this week, first time all summer. I guess folks are getting ready for the cooler temps to be here and heading out. I hate having to turn people away, but I guess thats just all part of it. Soon there will be one more site open, OURS!!!, and we'll be on our way, can you tell we're excited!!!
Ok, until next time, keep Lovin Your Life as we do ours.

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