Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy, Busy Girl!!!

Two weeks ago Sheryl decided to take a 6 week quilting class being put on by a local church group here in Alamogordo. Since it's 6 weeks long and that just so happens that how much longer we'll be here, so it worked out just fine. Above is her first attempt at quilting, and I (along with the her instructors) thing she has done a great job so far. She is making the quilt for our little grand daughter in FL. She still has the border and the actual quilting part to go, but she enjoying the class and getting out.
Sheryl has also been quite busy with her crocheting and trying to get cought up with all the projects she has made for herself. This one is for our daughter in AL.

Here she is just as busy as ever, crocheting away, while enjoying the cool evening air and the red sunset glow on the mountains. And yes, those are Whinny The Pooh socks she has on (still a little girl at heart....:)
Alittle update from a few posts ago, if you may remember we had bought a generator for use while boondocking as needed, and mainly to run the A/C if needed. You may also remember, I couldn't get it to run the A/C, boy I was upset and heartbroke. Well after a month or so of racking my brain (yes it takes me that long it dawned on me that while attempting to run the A/C I was also running the water heater on elec., so while Sheryl was away at quilting class, I broke out the generatorm shut everything down (including the water heater this time) and fired it up, went in hit the A/C on switch and she ran like a champ!!! I was so excited I actually did the happy dance (glad no one was watching....not a pretty Needless to say, we are both releaved and one less thing to worry about.
As of today, we only have one month to go as Camp Hosts here at Holloman AFB, then we will truely be off on our grand fulltiming adventure. We both are so excited and are really looking forward to getting on the road. We will have been here 6 months, (not that we haven't enjoyed it) but thats just way to long to be anywhere when there is so much to see out there.
Thats it for now, Thanks for reading along.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good to see there is talent on both sides of the family, artistic and engineering.

You're producing beautiful quilts and nice, cool air.

Are you going to use quilts to keep warm in all that air conditioning? ;c)