Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holloman AFB, NM. Backroads

Today Sheryl was taking a nap as she wasn't feeling up to par (migraine) so I thought I'd find something to do and get out for a little bit so she could rest. I didn't want to go very far, then I remembered one of the RVers here at the campground told me of a high speed test track out on the Holloman Reservation that was open for veiwing. So I struck out in search of. Like any military base in the desert, you head out into the wide open desert.
After several miles I finally found it, there is no photography of the track and test area itself, but they do have some outdoor displays. I've been looking for a way to get a little extra performance out of the Jeep, think these folks could

The outdoor display area, they did have more, but again no photography in that area. Interesting how the vehicles attach to the rail, basicly just a few clamps to hold the rocket or what ever they are testing down. Today being Sunday, they were not open, so Sheryl and I will plan a trip out later in the week to get more info and hopefully catch a tour and launch.

On the way back I spotted this old observation building. Since there is not any information on it, I thought it may have been to observe the atomic blast from the Trinity Site since the windows are facing that direction.

Then I noticed the are three of these obsevation bldgs and one was positioned next to this old ramp. After further investigation I determined they were to watch test rockets and such launched from the ramp.

Old rails on the ramp.

At the end of the ramp were the remains of a tower and steps to the top.

While looking around I found a old foundation with 3 old footings, wondering what they were, I looked down and in the center of the 3 footing I found this marker dated 1948.
It's amazing what you can find when you get out off the beaten path and look around alittle. In case any of you military folks are wondering, there were no signs stating Keep Out, Controlled or Restricted Areas or No Photography, except for the Test Track, and no pictures were taken there.
We'll report more when we explore a little further and the Test Track is open. Thanks for visiting.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Glad there were no "Keep Out" signs. I'd hate to see you picked up by a couple of MP's and tossed in the brig (or is it stockade for you USAF folks?).

Then we'd be having withdrawal symptoms waiting for your next blog post. ;c)