Tuesday, September 14, 2010

18 Days and Counting

Ok, not that were counting, but we only have 18 more days here at Holloman AFB as Camp Host....yeaaaaaa. Not that it hasen't been a good job, it's just we are so ready to start traveling. First stop, El Paso TX for a couple of weeks for the last of our medical appointments. Then off to SW Kansas for a couple of weeks to visit family and stay at Sheryls family farm. The farm is a special place for Sheryl as she spent a lot of her childhood there. No one is currently living there but it is being kept up by her brother who lives near by. We are looking forward to spending some time there with the place to ourselfs and no one around for miles.

The campground here has been staying pretty full, so not really a whole lot to do. Seems as if folks are spending longer at one time than they were earlier this year.
Last weekend, I took some folks that had just moved here up into the mountains to show them around. We did some of my favorite trails and took them to a little known water fall. Their 2 year old twins had a ball stomping around in the water where the creek runs over the hiking trail.
Thats all for this issue, stay tuned for more as we continue to Love Our Life.

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