Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saved A Life Today!!!

Ok, it was just a little baby birdies life, but still a life none the less. You may remember from a few posts back, we have a metal awning which covers our little patio. In each corner of the awning there is a birds nest that seems to be reused over and over again by the local bird population. Well, in one of the nests there were three little eggs we had been watching for a while, we watched them hatch and grow big enought to fly the coop. This morning there seemed to be more chirping than normal coming from the nest area, so I thought I'd check out what all the ruckus was about. Well it seems, of the three babies, there was still one in the nest, and the others had already flown and left this little one behind. Thats when I noticed his little leg was tangled up in a string that the nest had been made out of..........poor little guy just couldn't get loose!!! So off inside to get the scissors to cut him loose, as I was trying to get him loose, he was not having any of it (birdie panic I'm sure) but as the string was cut, he was out of there like a shot!!!, no thanks or even a wave goodby, just gone. Ahh well, a good deed needs no thanks, just that feeling of helping out a little one in need was satisfing enough.
Sorry no pictures, the rescue was quick and in the heat of the moment.
Thanks for following along, just had to post and all is well............................


Happytrails said...

I tell you...youngsters these days just haven't been taught manners. ha!!
So glad you were able to free the little guy!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Kaileigh Ann said...

Maybe he'll come back later and leave a "present" for ya on the jeep windshield..."Thanks!" ;) Lol!

Ariane said...

That is the sweetest!!!! I love you for saving a little life. My husband (retired Army - me former AF) once saved an enormous butterfly that had gotten it's wings stuck in a vehicles roof rack at a highway rest stop. His big hands gingerly unstuck the creature then he lovingly delivered it to a creosote bush where it sat for a minute then meandered on its way. I was so relieved!!