Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Week Camp Hosting......Whew!!!

It's been just over a week now since we took over Camp Hosting here at Holloman AFB and a busy one at that! The campground is in need of some serious TLC, so first order of business is getting it up to our standards and with so much TLC needed, it may take a little time. This week I started weeding around some of the open sites as pictured above.
This is how a lot of the sites look, overrun with weeds, just looks so unkept and drives me nuts, so that is my main priority.

Sheryls main priority is getting the restrooms and showers to her standards (and her standard are pretty darn high!) so we spent a couple of days getting them in order. Now I'll tell you, restroom cleaning is not my favorite thing, but once done, it just take a quick wipe down each day to keep them looking nice.

Weeds, weeds and more weeds!!! everywhere you look, another area is along the driveways as you come in. So far I've managed to get most of them, just seems to make a better first impression as you enter the park.
We have really enjoyed our first week, met some great people (best part) and helps to keep us busy. Time sure has flown also, seems like last month (June) took forever to go by, now it's already the 10th and we can't believe it.
So with our new chapter a week in, we are Lovin Our Life more and more each day, so tune in next time for more...........

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Levonne said...

So you are camp hosting on a military base? That is interesting. Do they allow non-military to camp host there also? I had not even thought of camp hosting on military bases. They're lucky to have you two. You're doing a great job! The Camp Host Housewife