Friday, July 16, 2010

The Rains Cometh

Monsoon season has come to New Mexico (yes theres a mountain range there somewhere), it has been raining almost every afternoon this week. Of course we went through "Monsoon" season last year here, and I must say (being from FL) I just have to giggle, as they are more like an afternoon shower in Florida. Our other surprize is that it actually rains here in the southern New Mexico desert and how much it actually rains.

It's also been 2 weeks since we started Camp Hosting and life here at the FamCamp has slowed down pretty well, just a couple of folks here and there for a night or two, so it's been pretty easy. The weeding continues as does the day to day cleaning. We have met so many great people, if only for a night, which is making this hosting job worth doing.
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Happytrails said...

It is really all about the people!! We have found that we have met some of the nicest folks since we started camp hosting. They have such interesting stories to tell and it is wonderful to know we met them. :)
Enjoy the great monsoon season! I'm originally from Daytona Beach (a few years back, ha)I understand those Florida showers!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)