Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ahhhh, another week has gone by and where does the time go??? I'm a couple of days behind in the posting, just wasn't in a writing mood, but that has past, so we are off and running again. Got a call from Kayla earlier in the week, telling me she had found a really good deal on plane tickets flying right into Amarillo!!! so they (Chris and her) were buying them as we speak. I sure am looking forward to seeing her and getting to know Chris a little better, as I have only met him the one time at Kayla's graduation. Michael is still undecided, a minor monkey wrench was thrown into the works when he unexpectedly got his daughter for the summer early. Tell you what, he is one happy man and a great father!!! Hopefully he will be able to come, but having to get two plane tickets instead of one is a bit more financially challenging. We are hoping for the best as we would love to see him and Charity.
I got an email from Chris with several pictures from Sea World in Orlando, looks like Kayla and Chris had a good time. They were able to pet the dolphins and watch the dolphin show. They also checked out the Bush Gardens area, got up close and personal with Bud the Clydesdale as well as checked out a few of the samples Budweiser is known for!!! This weekend I had to work, I changed weekends so I would not have to work when the kids are here. As you may or may not know, I work every other weekend (actually not bad in the retail business) It was good timing as I will be transferring to the ATV department soon. This weekend the store had a (well what was supposed to be) a big Canoe and Kayak sales event. I spent most of one day setting up a display at the front of the store and then sat back and waited for the customers to roll in and buy us out!! One problem, minimal advertising on the radio, no newspaper ad, or any other promotion lead to ZERO sales of any kayaks, canoes and related products, talk about an anti climax!!! for the store, but I guess that's what happens when no one knows about an event! We've been getting some strange weather here lately, one day a band of showers will come through and then the next day clear sky's and bright sunshine. The pattern has been continuing all week, one day toward the early evening, the rain and sun came together for a beautiful show, a perfect rainbow appeared right out our front door. Being here on the plains it was something to see, and actually being able to see each end on the ground was a sight. The rainbow was so big I could not capture the whole thing in one picture, talk about one of natures wonders and a simple pleasure in life just to behold.....ahhhhh, life is good.
Yesterday was a departure form the norm for me at work, I gave a camping/hiking seminar to a Girl Scout troop. The girls were in the 10-14 year old range and very intelligent in the ways of camping. I talked about each aspect of camping and hiking from campground living to backpacking on their own. Also hit hard on safety and whet they needed should hey get lost. They really appreciated the info, since it came on the heels of the boy scout who became lost in the woods of North Carolina while out with the scouts. I think they learned a lot and it was nice to help them out.
Ok, we are all caught up for the week, I'm awaiting the plumber to show and hopefully get to the bottom of out leaking until later, take care and enjoy each day to it's fullest!!!

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