Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Back from Houston, and there's one thing I can tell you, business trips in the corporate world are far different than in the Air Force. We were put up in a hotel with no transportation and with-in walking distance of nothing!!! That pretty much left eating each meal at the hotel, not that the food wasn't good (which it was) just the fact you were stuck there with no way to go anywhere else. The seminars changed at the last minute, so instead of learning about ATV's and the associated paperwork, we had a whole day of sales training (basically, training to be the used car salesman everybody hates) so we came away with a bad taste for the trip. The other seminars wern't to much better, lame presenters, I won't boar you with the details. There was a silver lining though, I did get to meet some nice and interesting folks. While at the hotel lounge, I met a couple who were on there way to Honduras for vacation. They had a house down there and went as often as there business schedule would let them, nice down to earth folks, we talked and traded stories for hours. No pictures of the trip, as nothing was worth the photos.
Sheryl's daughter came in from Oklahoma for the weekend (the little moma the aforementioned and now famous baby blanky was made for) It was good to see here and her little pooch (it's so cute) Saturday they (Sheryl, Kaileigh and Cassie) headed off to Kansas for the weekend and to attend a relatives baby shower while I slaved at work for the weekend!! (notice a theme going on here?? weekend trips seem to happen while each weekend I have to work...Hummm) just kidding...lol.
The weekend weather was great here in Amarillo, probably the nicest so far this year, that made business at work kinda slow, as all the outdoor loving folks were actually outdoors enjoying it!! As it seems true to form, the weekend weather was great while I worked and now on my day off here it is cold and rainy :( as you can tell by the picture out the front window of the house. Something else you may notice is the construction going on now across the street, we were hoping for a few more years of a nice open views across the field out front, but it looks like that will be short lived as more homes are built. So here we are at the end of another week in the life, seems like a lot of ho humm news, but intermixed there are many stop and smell the roses times, as well as enjoying many of the simple pleasures in life...that fist sip of coffee in the morning, a long hot shower or bath, that kiss or hug from a loved one, a certain smell or sound that reminds you of a great memory, you get the picture. So don't forget the simple pleasures of everyday life, until next time...

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