Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Class Rap Up and Heading Out Soon

We wrapped up our final Photography Class out at White Sands National Monument. I must say, I was a little disappointed in the instructor, he was very disorganized and a bit of a scatter brain. However I did learn a few things, so that is good. I didn't take any worth wild photo's during that final session, but did listen a lot to what he was telling the other students. In his defence however, it was his first time teaching a class, but unless he gets his thoughts more organized, he and further students will suffer.

We have also decided to leave New Mexico earlier than planned. Sheryl's back has been giving her real fits lately, the injection must have really irritated the nerve on the right side, because it is worst than ever now. We found a Laser Back Surgery Institute that looks like they can help her, but we have to go to Tampa FL for the procedure. We will also have to change our Tri Care Insurance Region, so they will pay for it. We'll be going to OKC and getting our new region set up with a referral to Tampa. We wanted to have it done at the AZ facility, however Tri Care West will not cover it (odd, you'd think Tri Care would cover nation wide, but nope)

Before heading out, we'll need to get a couple of things done, oil change for the truck and a suspension lift for the rig. With the new air bags in the truck, the rig will have to be lifted so it will set level. There are holes for this in the leaf spring hangers, just need to have it done.

Poor Sheryl is just in agony, we were going to wait until after my Colonscophy, but my procedure can wait a couple more month's till I can get Sheryl taken care of.

That's it for this issue, not much to post about lately, but that will change as we prepare to head back out and once on the road again.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Sorry to hear that Sheryl's back is giving you trouble, hopefully you'll get all the Tricare stuff worked out quickly so she can receive treatment.

Good luck on the upcoming travels, may they go smoothly, especially for Sheryl's back.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your site while searching for information regarding fulltiming, as my wife and I are planning on travelling once our kids are out of the house and we can retire. You guys remind us so much of ourselves, as we met later in life and we are connected as you appear to be. My wife is truly the other half of my soul. Anyway, I hope all goes well for you guys, and we'll keep you in our prayers for healing and comfort. Happy travels.

Guy and Jenny

Anonymous said...

We're so sorry to hear you are still having so much back pain Sheryl. We'll be praying that you get the surgery soon and that it is successful.

Best Regards to both of you,
Ron & Elena

Mike and Terri said...

Don't know how I missed this entry. So sorry to hear Sheryl's back pain is worse. Certainly hope she's able to find relief soon!