Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Double Booked

It's funny how you can go from doing a whole lot of nothing for weeks on end to busy, busy, busy. We'd prefer life to be spread out alittle more, but hey, that's life.
First, Sheryl's has an appointment next week for her back injections, she really looking forward to it and the relief she will get......ahhhhhhh.
We also ordered a set of Firestone airbags for the truck, so no more lights pointed up in the sky when driving at night. Checked on the tracking number and they have been delivered to our address, so now just have to pick them up and get them installed. Installation looks pretty straight forward with no drilling, so I'll be taking on that task shortly. One of many perks to being retired military is, each base has an Auto Hobby Shop, where you can work on your vehicle for a small fee. I took the truck in and installed new brakes last week, nothing like having a fully outfitted garage at you disposal. Total cost $4.50, ($2.25 an hour for use of the shop) not bad. May install the Air Bags there if it looks like it'll be a pain here at the site.

Hard to believe, with all the free time us retirees have, I actually managed to double book myself......let me explain. While looking through the base activities book, I noticed they were giving a couple of classes I was interested in. Two classes were being given by Outdoor Recreation, Mountain Bike Mechanics and Outdoor Photography, so I went down to sign up for both. The photo class was already full, so I just signed up for the bike class. A couple of days went by and there was another Photo class being givin by the Arts and Crafts Center, so I went down and signed up for it. Well, yesterday came and it dawned on me (yup I'm pretty quick sometimes) that both classes were on the same day at the same time, DOH!!!  All turned out well, as I went to the Bike class and only missed the first hour of the photo class, so not to bad as the photo class is 4 parts (each Tuesday in March).

Both classes went well, tomorrow were off to El Paso, TX for my yearly Skin Cancer screening, having very fair skin, I try and stay on top of it. Friday off to the Ortho Doc for my knee, to see what needs to be done.

I must be slipping as you may have noticed no pictures, what the heck, guess I'm just getting lazy. I'll do better as I prefer to post a picture or two, just seems to make posts just a little more interesting. Ok, well I just got a call from the Ortho Doc and they want me to go and get an Xray before Friday, so I'll be off to do that shortly.
Take Care and see you fine folks back here soon.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Good Luck with your Knee and for Sherri and her Back.

If you're still struggling with the knee it might be a wise idea to use the shop especially if they have a hoist, then you just have to bring it up about two feet and that will put it at eye level.

The airbags will also cushion the neck-jarring bumps in the road as well. Wouldn't travel without them!

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

You could post a picture of your x-ray... ;c)