Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

 This morning we awoke it a little bit of a mess and to a puppy with that "What are you looking at me for" look, it was so cute. Some how during the night Scrappy managed to find and destroy a paper bag....that'll teach that mean ole bag!!! He is just too cute sometimes....our little toddler.

Now for the Lucky part as the title states, as I was having my coffee on the cold New Mexico morning, I looked down at our little space heater and noticed it was a bit deformed. Holy Cow, I exclaimed and ran over to unplug it. I guess after two winters it finally gave up and had it's own little meltdown. We were very lucky as we could have had a fire, and you know how well these RV's stand up to those. Looks like I'll be off to the store for another one to help fend of Old Man Winter for a little longer.

The rest of the week has been day to day life and finally getting into our medical appointments and procedures. Sheryl did have quite the week though, with a steroid injection to her back to help control her chronic back pain and a hernia repair she has been putting off for a couple of years. Nothing like getting it all taken care of at once. Depending on how the injection works, she may or may not go with further treatments. We are also seeing a new Neurosurgeon, to see if her back has gotten any worse over the last year. I'll be taking care of my yearly physical next week along with scheduling that ever popular over 50 appointment, the dreaded Of course I'm sure you all will be waiting with baited breath for the outcome of

That's all for now, need to go look for a new heater, so until next time...............well you know the drill.

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Mike and Terri said...

Glad you were able to prevent a disaster before it happened with your space heater.

Good luck with your colonoscopy. Been there, done that. You'll be fine. The worst part is the prep the night before.