Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fit As A Fiddle

Had my yearly Physical today and as the title says, Fit as a Fiddle. Last year my Cholesterol was a bit on the high side of normal, but today it was well with in range.....woo hoo!!! Doc said, what ever you are doing, keep doing it. For me, it was eliminating all salt, except what comes in processed foods, hard to stay away from that. Plus a few vitamins and I was good to go.

 I'm sure you remember from last post, our little elec heater burned up, so the hunt was on for a new one. I looked here at the base first and found one similar to the one pictured above. However at $80.00 it was a little more than I really wanted to spend. I knew I had to go into town the next day, so I thought I check out what Wally World had to offer. Well low and behold, they had the same one on sale for $45.00 and with the woodgrain front.....sold!. This little baby sure puts out some heat, but the main reason for such a large unit, is our little toddle Scrappy. You see he has this thing with dragging his little bed around the rig and leaving it most anywhere he wants. The last thing we need is him leaving it in front of the heater to catch fire. The heating element on this unit is up at the top with just the air intake down low.......much better and it's really not as big as it looks.

Another small project tackled, was to tie down the generator which lives in the back of the truck a little better. I've always had it tied down, but just at some preexisting points in the truck bed, this only allowed the cover "plastic bin" to set 3/4 of the way down over it. A couple of eye bolts and drilled holes later, the cover sits nicely over it with nothing to reveal it's contents. A small thing, but something I've been meaning to do for a while. Oh it is also secured with a couple of cable locks, you know just to keep honest people honest.

Ok, time to go change the laundry out, so until next time, we'll see you back here.


Jim and Judy said...

I have the same exact heater. It works great. The ability to set the temp is a nice feature. Really helps get the chill off. I did not get mine for $45.00 though :(

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good to see you're good to go for many more years of life on the road.

Good work on the genny cover, those things cost way too much to bake in the sun.