Saturday, August 13, 2011

NM 28 and Some Preventive Maintenance

 Yesterday we headed back into New Mexico for a doctors appointment, we usually just head up the interstate as it's a 20 min drive that way. I like the new signs the state put up welcoming you to New Mexico.

 After the appointment we decided to take the scenic route back. We headed over to NM 28 just south of Las Cruces and started back. NM 28 is a very scenic and popular drive between El Paso and Las Cruces. The road winds its way through pecan groves and rich fertile Rio Grande Valley farmland. When we came through here last year during the winter, all the trees were baron and the farmland just dirt. It was nice to drive through green tunnels of Pecan trees covering the road.

 Many of the fields were rich with flowering plants. It was very interesting to see the green valley backdropped by the high desert mountains, what a contrast. Didn't take many pictures as there are several from our last posting of our trip north on NM 28 from last year.It was nice to just take a relaxing drive back and enjoy the scenery.

Today, I woke up early to get a early start on a project I have been wanting to do. When we bought the 5th Wheel we knew it had some issues (as most pre owned rigs do), one was the cracking between the the end caps and the rubber roof. The roof is fine, just seems the joint between has seen better days. We picked up some rubber roof repair tape at Camping World the other day, so today seemed like a good day to take care of it. As you can see in the first pic it was looking pretty shabby, so after a good cleaning, out came the repair tape. A little taping here and the little caulking of the seams there and I was finished in about two hours. I had previously caulked the seams pretty good (when we first got the rig) so today's adventure was just preventive maintenance and another layer of protection from possible leaks.

Well that's been our fun for the last couple of days, staying busy and getting the rig ready to hit the road in a couple of weeks, can't wait!!! That's it for now, so we'll see you fine folks on the next go round.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Nice job on the roof seam. You won't see any water leaks there.

You'd think RV builders would ensure their roofs were watertight. The technology exists, I guess they let the beancounters overtake good quality.