Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great People

 Like most RV'ers, we have the standard Winguard TV antenna for receiving over the air TV. Since we don't use Dish Network or Direct TV, we rely on our antenna at parks that don't provide cable hook ups. We've also found that when you have 200 channels of nothing to watch, network TV really isn't all that bad, and heck, it beat paying for those 200 channels of nothing.

Ok, on to the reason for today's post, it is to tell you what great folks the owners of the Boot Hill RV Park are. You see, when we pulled into our spot and got all hooked up and settled in, it was time to tune in the TV. Well after the standard channel scan we ended up with 1 channel, when it felt like coming in......what the heck??? Tryed a couple of more times with the same result, even the bedroom TV fared no better??? Ok, figured it was a bad day for TV and tryed again the next day, same results.....darn. Everything worked fine in El Paso so I know it wasn't our system, so I stopped by the office and chatted with the owners. He was stumped also, but he did remember someone a couple of spots down from us had the same issue, so it seems that here along the back fence, the Winguard antennas just have a hard time picking anything up.
 So here's the great part, the owner says, since you guys are going to be here for a month or more, 'll just take down the digital antenna on the office roof and hook it up over at your rig and see if it does any better. Of course I said no, you don't need to go through all that trouble, 'll work something out. He still insisted and said give him about an hour. Well less than an hour later, he was knocking on our door and telling me to try and retune the TV and see what happens. Darned if he didn't come over with a ladder, climb a pole, mount the antenna and hook it up to our rig, before I even knew he was out there. Ok, long story short, the TV comes in great now., What a great person to do that for us, it wasn't like he had an old one laying around, he actually took it down from the office to give to us to use...........We just can't say enough good things about them. So if you are in the southern NM area and need to stop for a visit, we highly recommend this park!!!

That's it for today, so keep on lovin your life as we do ours!!! See you next time.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

See, there really are good people in this world, besides you two! ;c)

What a nice thing the owner did, that's real customer service. Now we'll make sure we visit his park when we get out that way.

Enjoy your soap operas...

Erik's RV Blog said...

That's amazing! Customer service isn't dead. Having seen that, it gives me an idea for our rig!

We made a note of this park for future travels, thanks!

Have a great holiday!


Mike and Terri said...

This place just keeps getting better and better. Will definitely check it out when we're in the area!