Friday, August 19, 2011

City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico

 Yesterday, we had to take a ride to Silver City, NM. to correct some paperwork on our old trailer so the new owners could register it in their name. On the way back, we thought we'd stop by the City of Rocks State Park, just north of Demming, NM. The City of Rocks is a large outcropping of rocks and boulders in the middle of an otherwise barren area of the desert. The rocks were formed from a volcanic eruption, as the lava and ash cooled, it split, along with years of erosion, this interesting formation came to be. In the photo above, you can see the formations just above the sign and the park is approx 1 square mile in size.

 It was named the City of Rocks for the wide areas between the rocks which resemble streets and walk ways through a rock city.

 There are several balanced rocks throughout the park, however we really liked the one being held up by the small rock underneath.

 There is also a nice drive up to a lookout area with great views of the surrounding desert and mountains. We visited the park for a couple of hours and just had a great time scrambling around the formations. However time was getting on and we needed to start heading towards home.

 When we got into Demming, it was 5:00 and our tummies were growling from our adventure, so we decided dinner was in order. Since we had never actually stopped in Demming before, we settled on just grabbing some fast food. However when we got into town, this little place on a downtown corner caught our eye. It's a local brewpub, which of course brews it's own beer right on the premises, which of course I had to try!!! They also serve only local New Mexico wines. We split a sandwich and Sheryl had a glass of chocolate infused wine. We also shared a desert of fresh mini apple turnovers drizzled with caramel and topped with fresh whipped cream. Sheryl was in heaven as her eyes rolled back in her head with every bite!!! yes she liked them that much!!!

I in turn, spied something on the brewers list that was uniquely New Mexican. Green Chili Lager beer, the waitress served me up a sample and I was hooked. Wow, I was surprised at just how good it was, it had a hint of green chili aroma and background flavor. Just an all around good beer. After filling our tummies and enjoying the atmostsphere, we were off toward the house.
What started as a chore (3 hour drive each way) turned out to be a really great day spent out exploring and experiencing new delights.

Thats was our day out, we had a good time and are looking forward to many more as we hit the road again soon. Ok, take care and Love Your Life as we do Ours!!!


The Bright's said...

Sounds like a good day! What is the name of this pub in Deming... we would like to visit it when there next.
We stayed at City of Rocks for a few days back in April, and enjoyed it.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

The City of Rocks is an amazing place, how those rocks stay balanced is something.

New Mexico has all kinds of wonders, can't wait to get out there and spend some time looking around.