Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Windy Day Project

The other day it was quite windy (ok, crazy windy!!) so we stayed inside and rode it out. Sheryl was busy with all her projects (quilting, crochet, etc) and I was just staring at the tube..........mindless entertainment. We had some left over window insulation from Camping World that was just laying around, so I got the idea to rap our little electric cooler in it, in an attempt to make it more efficient. The cooler is one of those Colman electric coolers you find at Wal Mart and other stores for around $100.00. It runs on AC or DC power and will keep things cool to the tune of 40 degrees below the surrounding temp. With the limited space inside the trailer the cooler lives outside underneath out of the weather and does great in the Fall /Winter/Spring, but in the summer it begins to struggle with the higher temps. The cooler goes in the trucks backseat and filled with snacks when travelling. We like to buy our drinks by the case, and usually put a few in the fridge and the case in the bedroom and refill the fridge from there, but we also keep the little cooler full as the drinks get colder faster from when transferred from the cooler to the fridge. In the cooler months we just keep the drinks in the cooler to save space in the fridge. So anyway, I broke out the duct tape (mans best friend) scissors and insulation and went to work. About an hour later I was finished, and not a bad job if I do say so myself. Now it's just a matter of seeing if it works, it will at least reflect the suns heat and help in that aspect. The cooler has been living outside for over a year now and I can tell you, it's one tough piece of equipment, it's been through all kinds of weather (rain, not direct exposure/snow/heat/dirt/dust/wind/etc) and just keeps chugging along. One day I'd like to pick up an actually AC/DC portable fridge, about the same size, but at $600.00 to $800.00 a pop, it will have to wait abit.
Well, that was my project for the day, we'll see how it does, if it works, heck may just rap the whole trailer in it!!! Take Care and see you next time.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Nice job! Maybe with all that insulation and duct tape you can moonlight for South West airlines and fix a few if the cracks in some of their planes.

I'll have to check out those Coleman fridges, might work out for us too.