Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stayin Put for a Bit

Southern New Mexico sure seems to have us in her grips. Actually we've decided to stay put for at least 4 months. This will give us time to get the whole medical appeal sorted out, Sheryl time to recover if the surgery does get approved and lastly we'll be saving some money to buy a new to us 5th Wheel. The trailer we have now is nice and has served us well over the last year and a half, but we decided it was time to get something with alittle more room. We want to go with a 5ver for the under belly storage room, and generally increased living space, instead of a larger travel trailer. It'll be nice in Sept to hit the road with a larger more comfortable rig, until then our little trailer will do just fine.
Were debating on trying to stay here at Holloman AFB Campground for the whole time, or maybe move around to different campgrounds in the area for a change of pace, may just stay here another month and go from there.
Ok, just an update on our decision, we'll be finding things to do here in the area to keep us entertained and of course we'll be posting those adventures and maybe even get to find some more off road areas that eluded me last time. Until then................................................. 

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

New Mexico is a beautiful state, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay there.

Hopefully all will go smoothly with Sheryl's surgery and recovery will go quickly.

Good luck with your search for the 5th wheel, you can't have enough storage space.

And thanks for your kind words about my mom's passing. Even though we haven't met (yet) we appriciate your friendship.