Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day to Day Life

Not a lot of posting going on here lately as we have settled into day to day life. Since this area is our homebase and we have pretty much seen everything here, there'sactually not much to post about, and I'm not one to bore you with our daily meals and laundry I was talking with a gentleman a couple of RV's down, who has the same make and model truck as us, just a couple of years older. We were talking guy stuff, truck power, ride and then of course mileage and it seemed he was getting much better mileage than I am. Well one thing led to another and I thought I'd check the air filter and change it if needed. The truck came with an aftermarket cold air system installed with a reuseable filter, but just my luck a brand that is not real popular in this area. I pulled out the filter an WOW, was it dirty, and I don't mean a little bit dirty, it was packed with dirt and dust. Hmmmm, maybe thats the problem with the poor mileage (Ya Think???) so I headed downtown and picked up a cleaning and recharge kit, a different brand, but they work just the same. So after two good cleanings and a recharge of the filter, we'll see how she does. Should do much better as the truck seems to even run a bit better since she can breath now.
The only other big news, incase you were waiting to hear, Sheryl's surgery got denied by our insurance company, so we are having to do an appeal. Hard to believe they have that much power over a person, that they can dictate what they think you need and what the doctor that examined you says you need. So the fight is on!!! Of course we both are pretty down and upset about this, mainly Sheryl as she is the one living in pain and surviving on pain killers and other meds.  It's driving her crazy, thinking she may have to live like this, until it gets worse or something really bad happens. So we'll fight the good fight and see what happens.
Depending on how everything goes, looks like we'll be here for at least another month or longer if we can get the surgery approved. We've been in the area for just over a month now, and the travel bug sure is biting at our heals, hard to believe how quickly you can get that itch.
Well, thats it for now, we'll wait and see what happens. Thanks again for dropping by for a visit and until next time, Take Care. 

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