Saturday, August 21, 2010

El Paso's Franklin Mountains

Another doctors appointment down in El Paso the other day, be glad when there done with and we can then get on the road, should only be another month or so. We planned on leaving here (Holloman AFB) on Oct 1st, we will still leave, but will prob move down to El Paso until Sheryls back treatments are done. Ok, there is a point to all We have been to El Paso several times and travel the same basic roads. One of the roads is TransMountain Dr, which is an East/West pass over the Franklin Mountains from on side of El Paso to the other.
While we have travelled this beautiful and scenic road many times we have never stopped at any of the overlooks to just take it all in. Well this time we had 4 hours to kill between appointments, so we took our time and stopped at each one. You can see El Paso in the forground and Mexico as marked by the distant mountains.
Even though we have not had a chance to travel around much since begining Fulltiming, we do try and see what we can while we here. Sometimes (since being here so long) we get caught up in day to day life and forget to stop and smell the roses or wild flowers as the case maybe.

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