Saturday, August 7, 2010

El Paso, TX/Ft Bliss

Our next door neighbor,( Scott) here in the park asked me if I could take him down to the El Paso Airport yesterday morning. He is here for a couple of months for school, and was not too keen on the idea (neither was his wife Kelly) on her driving 70 miles back through the desert by herself. So when Scott asked if I would mind driving him down and picking him up a few days later, of course I said yes. The drive down was uneventful, just general chit chat. I dropped him of at the airport and said I'd see him in a couple of days.
El Paso Airport has a really nice Bronze Statue and Clock Tower marking the entrance.

The back entrance to Ft Bliss is just outside the airport, so I thought I'd take a short trip through the base. I took a road I had not been on before and ran across these old adobe buildings, they looked so out of place, I just had to stop to investigate. Turned out to be some of the orginial buildings from when Ft Bliss that was built back in the late 1800s. It appears most the buildings were destroyed from departing US troops, except for the hospital and church which you see standing here.

It is now a museum, but it wasn't open today. So I just walked around and took a few shots.

On the drive down, again I took a new route. I could see what looked like Military Cemetary from the road, so I thought I'd go a see what it was all about, and of course pay my respects to those who were laid to rest there, after serving our Great Nation.
Turned out to be a U.S. National Cemetary (military) One thing I did notice on the headstones. That I wasn't aware of, was on the back of the headstones was the name of the soldiers spouse complete with DOB and year of death. I found that a fitting tribute and a way to keep each other close even though they were parted so suddenly, that after death they are once again close together.

God Bless all who have served our great nation and paid the ultimate price.

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