Monday, October 5, 2009

Trinity Site, New Mexico

July 16, 1945 5:29;45 a.m. A moment in time that changed history. The first atomic bomb was exploded in the New Mexico Desert on what is now known as the White Sands Missle Range. Today the site is opened up to visitors twice per year (first Sat of Apr and Oct). Since this is a very historical site and I had the chance to go, I went to check it out. Saturday morning was a cool, cloudy, rainy day here in Alamogordo as I headed out for the 2 1/2 hour drive to the site. Luck was on my side though, as I progressed north, the weather began to break and turned into a really nice day.
Once you trun off the main Hwy (380) it is still another 5 miles to the WS Missle Range gate and then another 17 miles to the site itself. As you could imagine it's a wide open lonly place out there.

Upon arrival, I took the tour bus 2 miles out to the McDonald Ranch House. This is were the Plutonium core was assembled and then transported to ground zero and placed in the bomb itself. By todays nucular standards, it's hard to imagine the master bedroom of an old ranch house as being the assembly area for such a weapon.

The ranch consisted of a windmill and water collection area, a couple of out buildings and corral. The house a been restored to it's original condition, however photos of the house after the blast showed it to be in surpisingly good shape, for only being 2 miles away.

Once back at the parking area, it's a 1/4 mile walk to the site (ground zero). The site is marked with a lava rock monument, and what is left of one of the four tower footings. The 100 foot tower was incenerated in the blast. There really is not much to see, just a monument in the desert and not really worth the visit other than to say you were there.

One highlight however was this old restored army truck, a visitor to the site brought it out. He was allowed to park up near the display area and it really added to the day. The second picture, I took in B&W as a way to capture the period.
All in all it was a good day, long trip, kinda disappointing, (could have done a better job with displays) but still worth the visit.
So until next time..............Keep Lovin Your's the only one you have!!!

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