Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!!!, El Paso Trip

This week was Sheryl's birthday and it just happened to coincide with a nursing seminar/class she was required to attend in El Paso, TX. Well since El Paso is right down the street (so to speak) I went with her and we made a birthday getaway out of the weekend. Since her work was picking up the hotel tab we picked on of the nicer ones in El Paso, The Radisson at the airport. I must say, the staff there was thr friendlist we have ever seen at a hotel, from the from desk to the maids, it made a nice trip even better!
Sheryl's class was for Advanced Trama Nursing and held at the University of Texas. She spent most of each day in class, so I was left to explore the city on my own.

El Paso is your standard large city (600,000+) and the largest one I have been to on the US/Mexican border. I have grown not to care for larger cities (too much trafic and hussle bussle). I'm sure El Paso has a lot going for it, but as a visitor found it difficult to get around (espcially the downtown area) I also found (mainly downtown) if you removed the Texas license plates from the cars you could very well be in Old Mexico.

Of course had to take a trip along the border. The security is pretty good along the city area, fencing, lighting and Border Patrol out the yazoo, but found as you got farther out of town the fencing and security becomes more lax. Not critisizing just stating my observations.

After exploring the town on day one, day two brought me to the Fanklin Mountains State park. The park is the largest urban state park in the country. The park encompasses 24,000 acres and most of the Franklin Mountains which the city surrounds.

The park has several hiking trails, I selected the Aztec Caves trail, it was a short but pretty strenious hike (either that or I'm just getting older and You can just see the caves in the center pictured above.

View looking out of one of the caves. The caves are pretty shallow only 20-40 feet deep, but well worth the hike and the view.

Saturday evening brought Sheryl's Birthay dinner. We scoped out a little local Italian place and decied to give it a try. WOW, what a great place!!! Food and service was excellent and of course haveing a beautiful lady to spend the evening with just made it extra special. So if you are ever in El Paso, we highly recommend you head to Cappetto's on Montana Ave for a great meal!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! Ok thats all for this posting, we'll see you next time!!!

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