Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Snow of the Season

We had quite the winter storm roll through yesterday. Temps dropped from a nice fall 70, to a chilly winter 38 this morning.....burrrrrrr. We only got alittle rain here on the desert floor, but up in the mountains behind the house.............6-8" fell, making the first snow of the season a winter wonderland. So this morning after getting Sheryl off to work, I just couldn't resist a drive up to see the snow.

Really hard to believe how beautiful the mountains are when blanketed in snow. I drove up to and around the town of Cloudcroft via unplowed Forest Service Roads which wind there way through the backcountry.
Just a quick couple hour drive and back home again. Seeing the nature at its beautiful best is what it's all about, makes you love life even more!!!

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