Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy!!!

Yes yes, I know, what no postings for a while??, too lazy to get up off your duff and type a little??... yup, that's it. Just haven't felt like updating, plus not a lot to write about....until now!!! Ok, maybe not a lot, but something at
Last weekend we went to visit Sheryl's mom in Kansas, she is doing well, however the heat was pretty intense and the humidity was killer!! Who ever says dry heat/wet heat whats the difference has never been in one of the two, I'll take the dry heat anytime!!! We had a nice visit, and ate some great food, compliments of yours truly!!!!! Hate to brag but did some grilling to die for. Simple hamburgers, beans and other fixins Sat night and a mixed grill for lunch on Sunday, corn on the cob, baked potato's and fresh green beans from our garden...yum yum!!!

While we were there, Sheryl's niece Breanna came over with her Little one as well as with her other nieces little in tow. Sheryl's brother Curtis keep the wee little one happy, while Michaela played in the water hose, having more fun than you could imagine.

During the past couple of weeks we have also looked at several motorhomes, we have a Tiffin dealer right down the street, trying to decide on brands and what we can and can not live with out. Well, yesterday, we went to the dealer and found he had several new pre-owned motorhomes on the lot, so we decided to take a look. Well, we just happen to find that the Tiffin Allegro Bus and Phaton (both diesel units) have everything we have been loking for as well as floorplans we both like. So our short short list in now narrowed down to the two Tiffin models and also the Newmar Dutch Star. We have both heard so much good about Tiffin and Newmar, we knew we wanted to look at those manufactures (we have looked at many others in the past and not been that impressed.) How lucky we were to have the Tiffin dealer right down the street, and as luck would have it, they are looking at becoming a Newmar dealer also. There pricing is very competitive, if not better than what we see on line so often, some folks are very proud of their vehicles and most are way over priced. So, what does all that mean, you maybe asking yourself, well, for us it means one step closer to our dream, and one less thing to worry about now that we have narrowed the search. Just a matter of finding whats available when we are ready to buy.

My daughter Kayla will be in Reno Nevada this weekend competing in the U.S. Woman's National Bowling Tournament, it won't be televised, but you can watch via web cam (isn't technology great!!!) So we'll be watching when we can and cheering her on!!!

So that's it from the Lehmann clan for now, take care and keep lovin your life as we do ours.

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