Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Update, Lake Mackenzie TX, Kayak Trip

Sheryl took off for OKC Saturday morning to visit with Kaileigh until Wed. and also pick up Cassie from her summer visiting family. I stayed behind as work calls on Monday, so I was on my own for the weekend (scary as that mite be???) The weather man said rain was in the wind for Saturday and into the evening (when will I learn not to listen to them) I had thought about an over night stay at the lake, but not in the rain (I'll melt!!!). So Saturday was just a lazy day around the house, piddling about and of course not a lick of rain to be found. I decided to head out Sunday for the lake, I got everything ready Sat night for a smooth start in the morn. All went well, got up, coffee, breakfast, gathered up a couple of last minute items and out the is good. Needed gas, so hey, gas is 10 cents less a gallon on the east side of town and on my way...I'll just stop there...not problem you say....guess again, on my smooth start to the day I forgot my wallet (damn I hate getting old(er). I was steaming, another 1/2 hour drive back to the house and then all the way back up here...ahggggg. I can't belive I was so mad at myself, need to work on that, although it doesn't happen to often, thank goodness. Ok, off again to the lake and all went well.
Arrived around 1:00 and as you could imagine the place was packed, power boats every where, but I kinda figured it would be that way, hot summer day in Texas, but took my chance as I really wanted to get out. Well looking at the map seems there is the deep water area and more of a backwater area, well Texans love their big powerful machines so they were all piled up in the deep water area and I had the back waters all to myself...good things do happen.
The backwaters were separated by a couple of bluffs so you could not even hear the power boats and people, just like being on a wilderness lake somewhere far far away. I followed the tributaries of the lake as far as possible, maybe 1/2 mile or so before you couldn't go any farther, I bet few people have ever been up this way, it was great. The waters were shallow and the fish were big, they would scoot across and upstream half out of the water, looked like salmon spawn in Alaska. I think they were carp but hard to tell, however still pretty wild to see.
The geese were also out here in the backwaters, nice part about a kayak, you can just slip right up on the wildlife. Paddled around exploring for about 4 hours before heading home.
Stopped at the senice overlook on the south rim of the canyon, it was so beautiful last time, I just had to have another look. If you ever find yourself in the Amarillo area, take a little side trip through Claude and down Texas 207 for one of the most beautiful drive anywhere, and I've been on some beautiful drives in my time, this one ranks right up there with the best.

The day weekend is winding down now, so I'll say to everyone, get out and explore the back roads in our area and across America, you never know what you mite find.

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Ahhh Honey I love you.....These pictures are awesome...See you soon..Me