Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kaileighs Baby Shower

This weekend, we (Sheryl) threw a baby shower for her daughter and what a gala event it turned out to be!!! We had friends and family from as far away as Kansas show up to celebrate the coming of the newest addition to the family, Clara Deann Miller. Sheryl did a great job with decorating the house and making sure everyone had a good time. The cake was hand made by my honey, how about that decorating job, don't think a pro could have done much better, especially with the little pink alien As with most all showers Kaileigh and Chris came away with lots-o-loot to start the Little one off on the right track. While the ladies all were inside doing the shower thing, the men were outside grilling and getting ready for the after shower feast. Pulled pork was the delicacy of the day, along with grilled corn on the cob and roasted red pepper and garlic potato's.....yummy. Most everyone headed out after dinner except for the happy couple and a grandma who stayed the night and our neighbor who stayed for a bit. We all hung out on the back porch and had a good visit and just relaxed after the chaos of the day and week leading up to it.
The following days were back to work and general day to day life. We have also been doing a lot of thinking concerning the type of RV we will be looking to buy (seems like our minds change like our in the lost post we talked about getting a really nice coach, however, along with a really nice coach comes a really nice price and for that Sheryl would have to work much more than we would both want her to. We have decided to look at an older (but still nice) coach for much less money and have more time and money to play, plus the option to work an extra assignment sometime and take special trips to anywhere in the world we want to go....ahhh what a life it will be!!!
Ok, another week down, we may hit the lake this weekend and get the kayaks wet again, so will fill you in on that adventure next time.....until then, take care.

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