Thursday, July 5, 2007


Happy 4th everyone!!! hope you all had a good 4th and didn't have to work tooooo hard. Sheryl did have to work :( so I had to celebrate with out her, I had the day off, so I decided it was a good day to just do nothing, so nothing it was. I did run out to Wally World for beer and wine for the evening festivities that were forth coming. Our neighbors invited me over to spend the 4th with them, so of course I accepted, Brandon and Julie are great folks. Had Sheryl been home we would have done the same thing anyway.
Bandon cooked up some of Julies special recipe hamburgers and there were great!!! along with hot dogs and all the other all American BBQ fixins. We spent most of the day just chatting, watching the kids play and waiting for the fireworks to begin. Brandon picked up some fireworks from the local vendor and was having fun with the kids setting them off. After they were done all fingers and toes were accounted for, so another lucky and safe holiday was here.
One of the nice things about living on the plains, is you can see forever, which made watching fireworks from every direction around the house. The main show came from the city park a few miles away, but it was just like having front row seats here in our yard. Some of the other smaller towns were sending up their share as well as many of the local farmers and ranchers.

Well another holiday has come and gone, we were reminiscing of how just a short year ago we had just met Bandon and Julie, spent the 4th in the same way as this year and had just a good a time. In an earlier post you noticed we had planted a tree in the back yard and we were just tickled pink of how nice it looked. Well needless to say a week or so later, we noticed the tree was beginning to lose it's leaves, then one day we looked and all the leaves had fallen off, boy were we bummed. Thought sure something had happened and the tree had kicked the bucket, well yesterday before work Sheryl was yelling for me to come outside and low and behold, new leaves were sprouting everywhere, we were both excited and relieved we didn't kill our new addition to the family (I'll post some picks of it's amazing come back soon) That's it for now, again hope you had a good holiday and also took a few minutes to remember what the holiday was all about, damn we live in the best country in the world!!!!

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