Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby Booties and Wild Storm!!!

I did it, I did it!!! Sheryl exclaimed as I walked in from work the other day, she was so excited she finally figured out the elusive baby bootie pattern which had been haunting her for months now. As you can see, cute little booties to match the blankie she is almost finished with, the blankie just needs some ribbon around the outer edge and it to will be finished. Sheryl has been on a non-stop quest to make more and more blankies, pretty soon every baby in America will be wrapped up tight in one of her hand made blankies if she is not careful!!!
Wow, did we have a storm the other day or what, it came out of the north with a vengeance!! 60+ mph winds and flooding rains, the city even requested that no one drive for a few hours after the storm had passed to let the flooded roads clear. Our poor trees were taking a beating from the wind, thank goodness we have them staked out with sturdy line or our neighbors would have had new trees in there yards!!!
That's all the news for these couple of days, Cassie is in OKC with her sister for a couple of weeks and as sisters do, they are driving each other nuts!!!

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