Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Black Tank

The day to have our new black tank installed finally came, so it was off to the RV Doctor for the surgery. Of course having other appointments we had to run off to, I was a bit late in taking pictures.

By the time we returned, they were putting the rig back together. I really wanted to check out the underneath while they had the underbelly off, just to see how everything was ran and put together, oh well.

 I did however get to check out the old black tank. It may be difficult to see, but if you look just below the large pipe you'll see a separation. The tank separated where the tank is pressed together at the factory. We thought it was going to be a break.crack in the tank, we were surprised to see what actually happened.

On top of having a new black tank (and hopefully no more issues) the doc pulled out all the old wet, yucky insulation. The old stuff was the standard home fluffy pink stuff (think Pink Panther) and was replaced with a newer 2" foam. Hopefully the new insulation will work well and give us piece of mind in the upcoming colder months.

Ok, tomorrow we start towards Dallas, will prob only make it half way, but plan on being there late Friday afternoon. We'll be visiting my daughter and her husband for a couple of days before continuing on towards Miami for the big day.

Until next know the drill by now. See you then. 


Anonymous said...

G'day. (that's the Australian pronunciation of Good Day)
Let me set a couple of scenes. When I first started reading your blog, much of your location was in and around Alamagordo. Hold that location in your mind.
Over the last two years I have been buying up cheap novels at book sales to read as I travel OZ.(that's the abbreviation for Australia)
Today I reached under the storage hatch and pulled a book, at random, from my stash of books.
The book, is called STALLION GATE, written by Martin Cruz Smith who also wrote Gorky Park. The book is about the testing of the first Atomic Bomb in 1945 at the Alamagordo Bombing Range (as it was then known)The books central character is supported by Dr Robert Oppenheimer and Brigadier General Leslie Groves, two central figures in the real atomic bomb testing.
Now all your visits to certain places around Alamagordo including a visit to the Trinity Site Obelisk suddenly becomes clearer to me.
I find that a coincidence but it no longer amazes me as I am always confronted by coincidences.
That is my WOW for the day!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Glad that surgery on the new fiver is over. Nice upgrade to better insulation, now you can relax on your travels.

I guess vibration broke the connection, when you think about all the bouncing around RVs get, it is amazing that they hold together at all.