Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Days in Crestview

 Our time here in Crestview is coming to a end and we've had a great time. The past couple of days has been busy with parades and sight seeing. Yesterday was small town USA Veterans Day Parade (Crestview, FL) of course it always helps to have a military base nearby (Eglin AFB). The town put on quite the show and we were pleasantly surprised at both the size of the parade and the turn out of it's citizens. Made me proud to be an American and a retired veteran as well. Here's a few shots from the day.

Today (Sunday was church and road trip day. After church, Glen and Linda took us out on a sight seeing tour around the local North Florida countryside. Of course it had to start with lunch and we found another great little local place, serving up fantastic food at the right price.

 After lunch and with full bellies to walk off, we stopped by the Baker City Museum. The inside of the museum was closed but we did get to walk around the large display of old building from around the area that had been moved there and preserved in there original state.

 My Darling having a good time, can you tell!!!

From the museum, it was off to enjoy a Sunday drive around the area. We did drive in and around the Blackwater River State Park, which is highlighted by the...........can you guess..........Right, the Blackwater River. We enjoyed our drive around the rolling hills of the North Florida countryside.
Tomorrow we are off and will be heading towards Jacksonville, FL. I think we'll stop for the night in Lake City and head into the city on Tuesday. Of course that plan may change depending on availability at the Mayport NAS RV Park. We are always prepared to change plans on a dime, so we'll see what happens. So until next time.......................well, you know the drill.

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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I love small town America. They are so patriotic. Nice to see a good turn out for a parade.

Looking forward to your review of the Mayport CG, I hear great things about it and look forward to staying there one of these days.