Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good News, Bad News, Good News................

Good News, Sheryl finally had the last procedure to relieve her chronic back pain....Yea!!! She is a happy camper now!!! The Doc said this procedure should help for quite some time and for at least 6 months, hopefully longer. It's hard to believe we started this journey 8 months ago and it is just finishing up. We are so ready to back on the road.

Bad News, We have been having issues with our black tank for some time now, it overflowed for a 2nd time...........yuck doesn't come close to describing it, I'll save you all the gory details. We took the rig in to have it looked at (hopeing for a simple repair) well, it seems there is a large crack in the top at the vent inlet and the tank must be replaced.

Good News, the tank is supposed to be in later this week and the repair folks have blocked off time to install the tank either Thursday or Friday, depending on when it comes in. So as soon as it's installed, we're hitting the road!!! We're heading toward Southwestern KS, for a week or so, then making our way toward FL. We're so excited, 8 months in one place is just way to long!!!

That's all the news that's fit to print for now, see you back here soon for Hopefully more good news!!!

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Mike and Terri said...

Awesome news about Sheryl!

Sorry about your black tank, but great news to hear that you'll soon be hitting the road!!